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Zanzibar is without a doubt a tropical dream destination, ideal for getting away from it all.

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Best Tours at the Stone Town

Changuu Island

The main joy of visiting this island is seeing the nearby tortoise sanctuary. There are some of the giant Aldabross tortoises that also call the Seychelles home. Make sure to bring sunblock for the boat transfers and snorkelling.

Palace Museum

Tour restored period rooms and see thrones of sultans at Palace Museum (Beit al-Sahel) - a lavish three-story pavilion and former residence of the sultans of Zanzibar. The ground floor details the early years of the 19th-century British-installed sultanate with an impressive collection of artifacts.

The Mix of Religious Buildings

If Stone Town is anything it’s an amazing mix of cultures jostling peacefully alongside each other and becoming all the more richer for it. A great way to soak this all in is to take a trip to the town’s different types of religious buildings. From Anglican Churches to Hindu Temples and Islamic Mosques, exploring all these different facets of Stone Town is a great way to experience religious diversity.

More of Amazing Tours at Zanzibar

Jozani Forest

It’s easy to get lost and find the monkeys in the Jozani forest. There are many nature trails, leading through beautiful forest and the red colobus monkeys are not shy at all.

Nungwi beach

Nungwi is a village found on Zanzibar’s North West tip. This is a popular place yet it’s not overrun by tourists. It’s one of Zanzibar's top beaches as the tide doesn’t head out too far. This is a great beach for those, looking to soak up some sun and dip their toes in the sea.

Amazing Zanzibar

Amazing architecture

Exploring the cobbled alleyways of historic Stone Town’s old quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you encounter a captivating blend of diverse architectural styles in the mosques and houses interwoven to create this charming destination.

Unique Music

Zanzibar is a great place to get a feel for the local music style known as Taarab. Taarab is a blend of classical Swahili poetry and rhythm, infused with a myriad of influences from the Middle East, Africa, India and the West.

Rich flora and fauna

The forests of Jozani form a part of the island's only National Park, where you can see hundreds of different butterflies, numerous birds and a variety of interesting plants and animals.

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